How many Indians do you need to change a bulb

just a reminder to everyone… if more voters visit the polling station, Congress might not come back to the power again.


69.3 crores (or 692.7 million) – that is 56% of India’s population which voted during the last general elections. Not sure if 56% is a good or bad number. Well neither am I, but all i can tell from stats (wasnt there this song ‘numbers don’t lie’) is that this 56% is below the total number of people who came out voting after Independence. Actually 2009 was the second lowest voter turnout, the lowest was in 1962.

Who wins if many voters show-up?

Based on these stats, the top four voter turnouts have resulted in non-congress alliance at center. 1998-BJP (Vajpayee), 1999-BJP (Vajpayee), 1989-JD (VP Singh), 1977-Janta party (Morarji Desai). The fifth highest  turnout was in 1984, where congress won with a clean sweep, some say due to Indira Gandhi’s death before the elections. So it is safe to say that higher voter turn-out doesn’t favor congress. How many voters do you think will show-up…

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