que estaba delicioso – and the essential Spain checklist

Spain in 2 weeks

What to experience in Spain – Madrid (old money, old art), Al Hambra (Muslims in spain??), Barcelona (a nice beach, port, mountain, cosmo, pop artsy city), Ibiza (woah, we are going to ….)

  • Play futbol on streets
  • Eat empanada and wonder why don’t you eat it everyday
  • Watch flamenco dance- better, try it with them (“try”)
  • Buy picture postcards, fridge magnets, street art
  • Drink and eat tapas (every day)
  • Go to Alhambara and realize that Muslims do a far better job at palaces than Christians
  • Eat paella and realize that they haven’t heard of biryani
  • Hang out in La Rambla in barcelona
  • Walk and find a plaza after every block
  • Fly to ibiza, party all day/night. Pay 11 euros for water in the club, curse it to hell and then fly out the next day
  • Communicate in broken spanish to realize that you placed the wrong order
  • Enjoy the siesta and sleep at your hotel or a park (like you have any other option)
  • Hola and gracias – two words to save your ass in spain
  • Go the famous Barcelona beaches on weekend only to find it overcrowded
  • Find the difference between Gaudy and Gaudi
  • Check out a Bull fight – then wonder why they still do it
  • Ask for gluten-free food and then get strange glares. Then get directed to salad section of a the menu or a departmental store
  • and of course – que estaba delicioso – the food was delicious

and now for a bonus – Spain umelpoyment chart:

spain unemployment

#spain #madrid #barcelona #ibiza


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