The Art of Sanjay Patel ‘Returns’

He’s back…. Sanjay Patel is back with a new book and some new illustrations to crave for… “Ganesha‘s Sweet Tooth” – aptly titled, the book is available here:

Continuing his earlier theme on Indian mythology, Sanjay’s new book talks about  illustrates Ganesha beautifully…. check the book cover at the bottom of this page… and he is out promoting discussing the book at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. So if you around SFO, do make it there and hear him out loud:

event link:


and if you missed… Sanjay Patel is an illustrator with Pixar and has 2 other books under his sleeves with illustrations on many Indian mythology figures (not all, obviously)… read more about him and his work here: The Art of Sanjay Patel


pic from amazon



Promote art – a DEMONart initiative


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