How many days of vacation you need?

2 months are all what students get in the “emerging world”… inclusive of summer/winter/fall etc break…


but in US… it’s party time…

From the almighty trustworthy Wikipedia

“In the United States, summer vacation lasts two to three months. The dates vary depending on the location of the school district, with two major formats. One is from early June to Labor Day, the other major format lasting from late May to late August. Students also get a week off in November for American Thanksgiving, two weeks off for Christmas and New Year’s, and one week off in March or April for Spring Break (usually starting on Lazarus Saturday). In some rare schools, students also get a week off in February for President’s Day and a week off in October for Fall Break (usually the week of Columbus Day).”


So let’s get this straight

  • Summer vacation: 2 months (lets pick the lowest number, just to play safe)
  • Thanksgiving: 1 week
  • Christmas/ new year: 2 weeks
  • Spring break: 1 week

That is a minimum of 3 months… and then add to it a longer summer vacation, fall break, president’s day break, leg break… that brings about to 4 months on the top end…

3-4 months of holidays… pure unadulterated fun… man its fun to be a student here…


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