Goan Gujju in Africa

Liberia to be precise…Liberia has a pretty interesting history. Fun trivia – Liberia is the only other country which follows the imperial unit system like US does. You know – those units which make less sense in rest of the world – gallons, miles, Fahrenheit etc… The reason for this is pretty interesting and a quick glance at their history will put things in perspective. A further glance at their recent history will answer queries on why US (ironically) and other countries had imposed sanctions, or why an eighth of water vessels on earth are registered in Liberia, or why all major natural resource companies (metals, minerals, oils etc.. ) are flocking to this country.Don’t worry if you didn’t know of any of these (let alone where it is on the map), I found about the country when my friend ‘goan gujju’ decided to take the leap and explore the uncharted. Read his ramblings here – gujjuinliberia.blogspot.com. He has invited suggestions to expand his ‘to-do’ list, so do pour in your African dreams over there.

Location of Liberia


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