Boston, Glasses and India

Boston is a beautiful city, known for its history, culture, food and a lot more… The city throws up many surprises not found in any guides/books. One beautiful surprise is the Glass Harmonica. Invented by benjamin Franklin, the instrument produces melodius music. This adds one more invention to Benjamin Franklin’s list… Is there anything which he did not do??? So, coming back to the Instrument, you might have seen something similar in the movie ‘Ms Congeniality’, where sandra bullock play music out of some wine glasses. The Instrument uses the same concept of rubbing wet fingers over the rim of wine glasses. But the clever Mr. Franklin took those glases, removerd the stem and put them on a spindle.

So if you do happen to visit Boston, head out to harward square or the paul revere house. You might find Vera Myer playing beautiful melodies on the Glass Harmonica. She might even stop you to ask which country you belong too, and chances are she might play your national anthem or a famous folk song. BTW… she like jana, gana, mana…. 🙂



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