The Art of Nandalal Bose

Which is the most iconic sketch on Gandhi? Not the Nehru clan – Mahatma Gandhi. Chances are you either remember the sketch on dandi march or the one we used to see on DD. Am still trying to figure who to be credited for the DD sketch – i somehow (read through propreitary internet search technique) found who drew the dandi sketch. In addition to the “gandhi-walking-towards-dandi” sketch, Nandala Bose (or Basu??) was a teacher, principal at Shantiniketan and a wonderful artist. Along with his disciples, he designed the constitution of India (designed – not drafted). Or rather provided illustrations, calligraphy and border art for the constitution of Republic of India. More details on art on the constitution in later posts. But as for now – some of Nandlal’s art:

Nandlal Bose, Artist, 1882 – 1996

Also Nandalāla Basu

A gifted and lyrical draftsman, Bose was a highly creative and intellectual artist and teacher whose work never remained static. Throughout his long career he explored a variety of styles and diverse mediums that captured his poetic—almost religious—vision of nature.

Nandlal Bose was born in 1882 in Bihar. He studied at the Calcutta Government College of Art under Abanindranath Tagore between 1905-10. He taught at the Indian School of Oriental Art and was principal at Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan between 1922-51.

Since 1911, Bose has exhibited in several national and international exhibitions

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