To sneeze… or not to sneeze


Sneeze or Yawn?  36/365

Sneeze or Yawn? 36/365 (Photo credit: bump)

Sneezing is taken quite seriously. A “bless you” is the most common  response to a sneeze. Why? My proprietary web search technique reveals it is something to do with one becoming vulnerable to devil while sneezing or heart skipping a beat. So the caring+religious peoples started blessing sneezers (is that even a word). Somewhat like “may god save you from the devil, for you sneezed”. Though its meaning is lost now and it’s more like an automated response. Like “hello” on phone. People say it for no reason at all.

An atheist finds himself in a fix while dealing with sneezes. How should one respond to a sneeze… and more over.. how should one respond to a “bless you”. The first part is the easier one, just say nothing or at best “you ok” or “good health”. The later is difficult. Have few responses handy, but do keep in mind that it may be taken offensively.

  1. which god
  2. what about goddess?
  3. and you didn’t mention allah
  4. no he won’t
  5. thanks but no thanks

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  1. Nidhi · March 8, 2012

    just out of curiosity.. how are your new office colleagues finding your proprietary behavior? fascinating? or odd like us? 😉

  2. Nidhi · March 8, 2012

    goddess & allah.. quite inclusive btw.

  3. maheep · March 9, 2012

    fascinating, just like you guys think… 🙂

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