How to become a Dragon

Noun: A mythical monster like a giant reptile. In European tradition the dragon is typically fire-breathing and tends to symbol…

To cut the story short… Dragon is a fire-breathing/spitting mythical creature. How do you become one???

Its  pretty simple and straight forward, though comes with its own dangers. NOTE – this is not for the weak heart or those with a sensitive stomach.

Step 1: Go to Saravana Bhavan

Step 2: Order Podi Dosa (any derivative will do)

Step 3: While tambi takes his sweet on time, may i suggest to indulge into the restaurant music – 74.3% chance it’s AR Rahman – 51.8% chance you might have heard the hindi version

Step 4: Play welcome music while your rice crepe makes a landing on the granite table

Step 5: Feast on the podi dosa….

Step 6: You have now reached the point of no return. While sugar might help, water will only ruin your bladder

Fire breathing/spitting monster is ready….

How to become a Dragon.. hehehaha


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