The Art of Sanjay Patel

Have been mesmerised by vintage illustrations for quite some time (Peter Irwin, Frank McIntosh, and old school travel posters), I began to yearn for more. Illustrations I reviewed in past ran around a similar theme: hand drawn illustrations, heavy in their use of colours, subjects which are either events or places or stereotypes.

And then I began thinking, how would the new-age illustrations be. With all the computing power and tools at disposal, how would today’s artists approach a subject? The answer lies in vector images by a fellow desi.

Sanjay Patel – Illustrator – Pixar

Having worked at Pixar, Sanjay brings new perspective to illustrations on the table. His illustrations are somewhat inspired by Japanese school of animation. Saying his creations are out-of-the-box, gorgeous and stunning would be an understatement. I am sure you have seen his works in the past. He was on board (literally) for many Pixar movies like Ratatouille. His subjects in recent books and exhibitioins, just like his drawings, are unique – Hindu Deities. And definitely not the kind we see on Indian roads.

Do visit his website: (you know like be happy, but with desi ghee)

He has many books under his sleeves, buy one today. It’s a treasure and is cheaper in India: flipkart.

Read more about Sanjay here

The Little Book of Hindu Deities

Need I say anymore? The book is a wonderful composition of all
many famous Hindu Gods and Goddess (after all Hindu’s have 36000000 gods). A primer on Hinduism, it’s a good read to start on Hindu mythology.









Hanuman in Lanka

Ravan’s fury

Jai Shree Ram

Ram and Sita

Sita and deer (shurpnakha)


Ram and vanar sena attacking lanka






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  4. Tessa Dsouza · October 10, 2016

    your illustrations are very well done! thanks for posting these beautiful images.

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