The Art of Pieter Irwin

Another western artist heavily influenced by the east – “far east”. He started with London, but ended up designing adverts for Japan. Later in life he changed his name and shifted to US and painted natives. Choice of colors somewhat reflects that of artists from his time like Frank Mcintosh.

Pieter Irwin Brown (1903 – )

Pieter Irwin Brown, born 1903 in Rotterdam,Holland. Pieter Irwin Brown grew up in Holland. He then travelled widely in Europe and Africa working as an artist. When he moved to London, he worked for Leigh Breton Studio and set up a design business with partner Rickman Ralph. He designed posters for the London Midland & Scottish Railway, Great Western Railway and London County Council Tramways. In the 1930s he travelled to Indonesia,Japan and China, where he produced Japanese style woodblock prints. Designed posters for the Underground Group 1928-1930. He moved to America in 1940 and worked under the name Pieter van Oort. In 1946 he settled in New York.

Read more about Brown here and here


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