The art of Frank Mcintosh

As i was going through my previous posts on vintage airline and temple posters, I cam across this one artist who has worked extensively on Asian themes. Frank Mcintosh -an american illustrator. He is known for Art Deco style.  Presenting some of his work here. Do buy his stuff if you like.

Frank Mcintosh, Illustrator, America (1901 – ) 

Frank McIntosh is perhaps most well known for the advertising art he produced for the Matson Line‘s cruises to Hawaii, but prior to that he designed many striking and colorful covers for Asia magazine which show the influence of the prevailing Art Deco style. A 1939 luggage sticker and ticket envelope designed for the Matson Line were followed by six menu covers which were widely collected and used for interior design at the time, and continue to be so. McIntosh was born in 1901 in Portland Oregon where he grew up before moving to San Francisco to study art, developing a special interest in stage design. He studied in New York with theatrical and industrial designer Norman Bel Geddes for a year, but then turned to illustration with a long run of designs for Asia magazine, followed by his work for Matson lines. After the war the work of Eugene Savage was used on the Matson line menus. McIntosh was a collector of Asian art; in the early 1960s he had a gallery in Los Angeles dealing in Oriental paintings and accessories.
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Read more about Mcintosh here. Buy his work here or elsewhere on the net.

Most of his work has been featured in Asia Magazine.

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