Transitioning to the (Big)Apple

You have landed in firang-land… now what? If you are a tourist, it’s pretty easy. You already have planned your trip, booked transportation, booked hotels, carried some supplies and even carried some cash/card for shopping and impulsive spending. Since you will still go back to where you came from, the experience good (and some times not-good) is only momentary. But my plight is slightly different on this one. Though I am in firang land, unfortunately I am not a tourist. The whole experience is loaded with multiple shocks.

To start with, there is this “culture shock” which all desi talk about. There is this “FX shock” which you experience unless you get your salary in new currency. There’s also the “Weather shock” – Now how can you expect someone from equator to understand Canada’s freezing snowy weather. There’s also a “Development shock” – you are so amazed at the new developed economy, but deeply miss your developing economy for its cheap labour. Or it might be the other way as well – you are amazed at the chaos and how much a developing/under-developed country has accomplished… but deeply miss the civilized “developed” world. Its not that one is not prepared for the shocks. But, no mater how much you prepare for it, you’ll still experience it. Say, more like touching a live wire.

For the tech bend… it is like transitioning from Windows to a Mac. You have heard about it… everyone loves it… but the moment you sit down with it, you hate that all your windows tips-tricks don’t work over here. I mean all. To start with… there is no “Start” button. There is no “program files”… now where the hell is the control panel… and how does one refresh the screen…And why is it so smooth and fast. But at the end of theday, it doesn’t make much diff… cause we end up using Macs and PCs for surfing the internet.



  1. alok · January 11, 2012

    abe tune Mac kab khareeda ???

  2. Shekhar Ruparelia · January 15, 2012

    Absolutely L-O-V-E-D the Mac vs. Windows comparison! 😀

  3. maheep · January 18, 2012

    😀 … keep watching this space for more..

  4. maheep · January 18, 2012

    there was this “I am a MAc, I am Windows” spoof where Mac and Windows fight for who’s the best… but in the end Commodore lying on a hospital bed interrupts the two.. says “doesnt make much diff who won.. coz in the end, the consumer won – who can now access “videos” on demand to fulfill their thirst… for … knowledge!!!”

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