Wrath of THE chennai rickshaw driver

‘Majboori ka naam Gandhi’
A popular Hindi line… Don’t know its origins …. But it means that sometimes we have are left with the most undesirable options… I finally had to face the deadly Chennai auto drivers. my bro says only two things do not need after sales service – coffins and Chennai auto meters. haven’t seen even a single soul operating on the meter here.
Ask anyone in Chennai, negotiating with an auto is the most difficult part, even for tamilians. And above that, you need to know the exact address. a lane travelled extra attracts additional Rs10 for sure.
but.. but but but….
But interesting part of the day was haggling, no… read it as shouting on autorick driver. And sort of feeling good that I gave him less than what he shouted for. But at the same time am afraid that he will keep an eye on me. His Rick is parked around my gully… need to be careful when i step out tomm…  wish me luck…
And mind you, these are not your ordinary drivers… these are Rajnikanth styled Schumaker Swamy union leaders.

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