BOL, the movie – kya bola hai….

BOL movie… awesome movie

preview rating: 4/5 – expected to be good. Director’s previous movie “khuda ke liye” was an acclaimed one.
the movie is about a family in Lahore, which in my opinion could even be an Indian family. The father is obsessed with getting a boy and hence gets his wife pregnant 14 times!!!! but poor chap does not get lucky and ends up with daughters. I could go about telling you the story… but then thinking of not spoiling the movie for you…. so go and watch it.
but keep in mind. It is the inconvenient truth. might be disturbing in some parts. Not gross, but just disturbing. The movie is beautifully shot. the story gets somewhat hilarious in 2nd half (at least for me), and but slow in first half. and dont understand why they picked atif aslam.

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