Who will guard against bodyguard?

Live blogging from bodyguard screening…

Movie preview- yet another salman action flick 2.5/5
Expect sallu to be the mindless action guru and kareena the typical bhartiya naari

30mins into the film – bad jokes… not vulgar, but same old stupid jokes… and the suppporting actress looks much better than kareena… dont recall her name..

Ok.. now first half is a boring love story… or should i say boring lovely singh story

The lovely effect is like the nightingale effect… tumne meri jaan bachayee.. and now i will love you.. wow..so original..

The action director loves splits.. every other goonda ends up in a split.. poor souls… Isse toh acha maar daalta..

And for the analyst bend – cinema hall utilization at ~70percent..

This is killing me… 2hrs into the film, but whr r the fight scenes… and  sallu showing off for song!!! Yaar ek dhang ka fight toh dikha do…

Spoiler alert.

Kuch kuch hota hai ending… i rest my case


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