To see or not to see (in HD that is)

Always failed to understand the hoopah-hullah behind HD tv, HD movie, HD games or HD anything… For me everything was standard definition.

And one fine day the difference between standard definition and HD was crystal clear. I attained HD nirvana. Not from a state of the art LED TV with some Bravia-silver-nano or a 1080p home projector. Neither from some Tata sky box which amir khan wants to desperately sell to me. And my laptop doesn’t qualify as it’s old news. IMHO laptop’s had HD resolution since ever and the TV’s are just trying to catch up. So just leave out the laptops for this case.

No gizmos. Just plain simple old-fashioned glasses. Or rather reading glasses. Yep. Plain simple reading glasses. The effect is quite dramatic. With tears in my eyes I watch the beautiful world unfold by me… The leaves more visible, number plates started to make sense, billboards were more than pictures…. And most importantly, Sheila ki Jawani didn’t ever look so jawaan…


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