monthly wrapup – 04/2011

woah…. some serious stuff happened over the last month. while a $5 billion wedding was watched by all raj fans across the globe… a >$400 billion man hunt was watched by even more as supporters and haters gather to mourn and celebrate the kill… rebels continue to fight against oppressors in Maghreb region, oil rich region, here, here, royal kingdom and here. Anna (not the tennis star) continues to fight the government while 2G, CWG continue to top the acronym list…  nevertheless, some Indians did make us feel proud and everyone in India was out on the streets rejoicing the win… the money spewing league was back in its latest avatar with 2 new teams…. and while India tries to uncover black money from european accounts, Goa’s ex-european rulers are facing the heat and have joined the soon to be long list of bankrupts… time for goa to takeover them…. 🙂


One comment

  1. thej28 · September 6, 2011

    wow its like a link a thought marathon this post , quite nice 🙂

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