Dangerous driving

Whom would you rather fear in traffic: a girl on a dio (gearless 2 wheeler) or a guy on a pulsar (commuting bike)??  Or to make the comparison easier, a female or a male in the same car.. say Swift. Now whom would you rather be afraid of in traffic?? Unpolled statistics from unreliable sources show many fear women behind wheels… but the question is, is it so for everyone?? The other day, a friend of mine was stopped by traffic police. But why did the cop stopped her car? In his words “You are a female and these are hilly roads”. Laughter on my part and anger on her’s was ensured for rest of the journey…

So anyways… Is this just an urban myth, or is there some statistical data out there to prove the “Women behind wheels”  logic (let’s call it WBW)… So I pulled over WHO’s data on road accidents. Now pay attention to these facts. (i) Women are allowed to drive in India. (ii) Women are banned from driving in Saudi Arabia. (iii) And they love me. Now barring the last one, there is no dispute on the others. So going by WBW, there should be far more road accidents per capita in India compared to Saudi. But…But… 24.5/lakh in Saudi and 18.1 in India.

Nevertheless, i’ll fear the female behind wheels as well. Cause, when in India, always assume that the driver in front of you is Indian…


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