bloody globalization

Getting gifts from foreign travel was so easy in pre globalization/liberalization age. One could get any simple item from the store nextdoor and satisfy the demands of their desi relatives and friends. t-shirts, university Jersey, shaving foam, RC car, knife, Casio watch… even car duster would do as long as its bought from alien land.
And then comes in globalization with it’s weird concept of liberalization. So called neighborhood stores stock almost everything you could find in firangland.

Foreign visit now calls for visit to some exotic corner in the city where even Columbus wouldn’t dare to venture. Bloody globalization



  1. theawakenedlife · April 12, 2011

    Have you seen “The Economics of Happiness” yet? I just saw it last night and it blew me away. Very powerful film about the negative impacts of globalization on humanity. Check it out!

  2. maheep · June 17, 2011

    Its all a conspiracy to ruin the happiness of getting a gift from foreign return soul. haven’t seen the film yet, but looks like it talks about going local in a fractured “global” society. But the very fact that a “global world” help them made the film talks about its powers…

    for the uninitiated (and lazy to google) here’s the link…

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