Android: Handset Manufacturer Killer

Since release of Android 1.1 in Feb 2009, Android has been the fastest growing mobile OS eco system till date. It has already overtaken Windows Mobile, iOS and Linux in terms of market share and is closely inching towards Blackberry OS, and is expected to overtake it in 3Q10.Google has recently announced that it is activating 200,000 Android devices everyday. The table below shows the phenomenal rise of Android in a short span.

iOS Onslaught

The immense popularity of iOS since its launch left most of the handset vendors without any competitive platform to compete with iPhone. Windows 6, Symbian, Blackberry 5 could not match to the high standards of software interface, responsiveness and intuitiveness offered by iOS. Fix gap effort by Microsoft to launch Windows 6.5 was as well worthless.

The table below shows the market share lost by major vendors post iPhone launch in 2007.

Android came as a much waited respite to handset manufacturers who were quick to join the Android bandwagon in order to withstand Apple onslaught.

Reasons for phenomenal rise of Android

Multiple Carriers– Most of the major carriers across the globe (especially in US where carrier selling the handset in prevalent) today offer Android handset. The below expected share of iPhone in US is majorly attributed to its exclusivity to AT&T. The poor service quality of AT&T also helped in early and quick adoption of Android in US market.

Apps-An important differentiator for iOS has been its huge application offered to its user. Android is soon trying to catch up with its Android market. The tight control over its app store by Apple forced iOS user choice to be driven by Apple. However free market approach adopted by Google ushered faster growth for Android market and forced Apple to rethink its App Store policy where it has just announced some decontrol over its store by allowing 3rd party application.

The table below shows the growth in new application in Android market.


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