telemarketers… here i come… hehehaha

Do you get telemarketers SMS/CALL??
why don’t you register for national Do Not Disturb (DND)??

Well… not sure bout you, but i am tired of registering/complaining to DND/Service provider. So from now on, i am going to publish all the TM numbers here. Use these numbers freely, to register on “BAD” sites with these numbers. call them up at odd hours. I’ve even got a wonderful idea for a boring evening, you and/or your friends can call up these numbers and sell them idiotic products which we get spammed by – how to increase, are you satisfied, what do you wear…. and if you get bored of all these, then you can try putting these up on some wiki or google doc…. the possibilities are endless… 🙂

  • +91 95660 35929 : job crap
  • +91 99624 36197 : job crap
  • +91 76673 71453 : bajaj allianz

ps: will update this post daily weekly monthly periodically.. drop in your TM numbers here…

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