In search of the perfect Curd Rice

Where do you get the best burgers, dosa, idli, samosa, panipuri, italian, chinese, thai, ice-creams, thali…. Bet you have the answers (or some one in first degree of association has). But do you know, where do you get the best curd-rice in Chennai… for that matter sabu-dane ki khichdi in Indore, daal-baati in jaipur.. guess you get the idea.

So am on an excursion, to find the best curd-rice in chennai. Help me if you can, cause its a pretty difficult task. Plus would need suggestions on how to cure bad curd-rice after effects.

A google search didnt help much, but for this fb link:… lets see what i discover over the weekend…


  • Anjaneyar temple – Thanithorai Market
  • Mathura Mount Road


  1. kp · April 30, 2011

    wanna have curd rice too….any suggestions frm ur experience?

  2. maheep · April 30, 2011

    sigree is good… baki homemade is awesome 😉

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