Turtles…. not 1411, but still extinct

A certain type of sea turtles – Oliver riley – lay eggs on the shore near chennai. Simple biological stuff which happens with millions of other egg laying species. The catch though is, the species is an endangered one, and falls under the category,’species-1′ – for starters tigers too fall under the same class. So while tigers get ad campaigns and support from celebs – which is necessary – the turtles do not quite enjoy the support.
Every weekend a group of volunteers organise a walk along the beach to have a dekho at the wonderful creature and to also transport the eggs to a safer location.
What to save the eggs from? Dogs, birds,dirt,humans… the list is endless. However the most imp thing is to save them from lights… apparently, the new borns are programmed to walk towards light, which generally is sunlight reflected thru water. However, strong lighting near beaches makes them walk away from sea, which is not good, cause they are “sea turtles”.
Gist of story – these good volunteers overcome their fear of the unknown, walk 7kms in night and save the turtles. Nice thing to try, atleast once.
am feeling too lazy to give any links. So just google up these keywords for more info, ‘turtle walk chennai’


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