monthly wrap up….

Long time since i updated the blog… been pretty busy with twitter and social networks and some work in between to update this one… anyhow, since the last time i posted, planet earth completed its MMXth Anno Domini revolution around Sun… south india witnessed its “once in a blue moon” annular solar eclipse… BrawnGP no longer exists… and Schumi is back, but with ex-rival… and F1 family has 4 newborns… Mr. S.R.T. scored a freakin double ton and became the first and only one to do so in an ODI… companies which or on the brink posted healthy profits this year… Zeus is unhappy as his people are engulfed in Euro-pulling debt… I got a new phone… yahoo’s biggest search competitor launched a micro-blogging service on its widely known mail application to compete with the likes of “bird chitter” and fb… oh and yeah, it also came up with an exciting phone nexus… exciting times for mobile phones as the phone-software market is buzzing with competition… hope something like that breaks the ms-appl-linx hold… Hopenhagen lost all hope… New recruit managed to get a “Noble” award… EPL’s cricket clone is back in the country, though not without turning some heads… ‘King of the world’ became lucky twice and his two films now compete for the top-$pot… quakes left some places shattered while big-apple is under snow… … … … Phew!!!

Oh and yeah… Twestival (Twitter+Festival) being organized world over on 25th march…


One comment

  1. Chandrasekhar · March 3, 2010

    Forgotten about the terror attacks eh…

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