win7 – shld u go for it??

My friend asked me a simple question… ‘should i upgrade Vista to Windows 7?…”. Though am a tech fan and am totally in for buying any new technology… but let’s think from a different angle… “does one REALLY need Win7”???? Before discussing anything else… lets make two points clear…

  1. If you are a Mac user… read no further.. windows is still not ready for you…
  2. Windows Vista is/was and will be a disaster. Period
  3. Windows 7 is the best thing that happened to Microsoft (after WinOffice… obviously…)

Now as for the UPGRADE from vista to win7….

First, lets talk economic sense – WHY?? why the need for Win7 ?? it’s def good than Vista/xp.. but when u dont access ur home system for more than net, few movies, few songs and occasional microsoft office… u actually dont need to BUY windows 7. Vista is heavy and slows down sys, but ur sys has enough RAM to cope wit that…. (assuming u bought a preloaded vista)

BUT the techie in me says – GO FOR IT…. it might not be as cool as Mac (refer point 1).. but it is def the second best thing  out there… better than any Windows/LInux OS…. take my word for this… i am the guy who had installed Windows2000/XP/Vista, Redhat Linux, Ububtu Linux AND few other flavours of linux before finalizing upon win7.

Windows is no longer the mammoth monopolistic Giant…. With competition from all the quarters, they have in fact churned up pretty decent products, and unlike Apple, they aren’t heavy on pocket either….

Best of luck with the purchase 🙂


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