Where’s the Gold??

FYI, am in west coast looking for some gold. West coast where?? Well west coast of the “western world”, west to the wild-wild-west. To be precise, I am roaming around the “bay area”. Am at Yerba Buena – also known as San Francisco, SFO, Frisco, SF, SanFran Bay Area.

I started of my journey happily thinking that I might run into strangers in SF, but to my disappointment I ran into my long lost Enng col friend. Moreover, he came to even pick me up at the airport. The bugger didn’t even let me exp the American cab or metro. Anyways, more bout that bugger later.

The first thing you notice about bay area is that it comprises of dozens of cities (or counties or wotever they call them here)  Along the freeway, you see the endless stretch of buildings and city blocks. And when you reach downtown, the place feels more like a hill station with all of its uphills and downhills. You remember the holloywood flick where a car drives downhill and jumps over them, or even better the zig-zag road going downhill (or uphill??? depends where you look from) with gardens around.. bang… that’s SF. Ok, so you can get some cable cars, buses, cars and climb these easily, but how do you handle the cloudy Frisco?? The place is so cloudy, that some 400 years ago (may be more, don’t quote me), the Spaniards gave the whole bay-area a miss while looking for land to annex. You don’t believe me… ask ne1 who has been here.. or rather just Google it up… atleast they won’t lie, after all this is their home turf, they are like 2hr drive from downtown, and so are Apple, Sun, Oracle, and all the other 15,763 IT companies in the Silicon Valley (which reminds me, I have to there…).

Now the surroundings… Looking at the area, with china town, little Italy, Freemont (desi janta area), Mexicans, Russians, south-east Asians, eastern Europeans and other ethnic populations, the city feels more like a culture pot. And if this sounds like any other city, then add the liberal crowd from The ‘Castro’ area to the pot and you get the distinctive SFO.

My daily walk to the office takes me thru’ the famous uphill and downhill trekking of san fran, the unique (and freakingly expensive) cable cars, 4th largest shopping area in US (in terms of absolute $$)- Union Square, largest Chinese establishment outside China- China Town and the commercial hub-downtown skyscrapers. And all of this, compressed in just 5 blocks walk. Can you beat that…?

Haven’t seen much of SF yet, let’s hope I get to see it before Halloweens day (or is it night)

AS for the Gold, guess am bit late. Gold rush expired here hundreds of years ago, but who knows, I might get lucky. I might find a new Tech-startup here…


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