Newyork — the torture film

Indian multiplexes went through a drought of good movies during this summer. Newyork (2009 film-hindi) was to end this, but it failing didn’t achieve so. The film very touches a very different topic, human rights violations post 9/11 in US. Well film buffs would argue that “Khuda Ke Liye” (2008 film) is the source of inspiration, but givent that KKL was not released in India on a wide scale, the concept might be new for many. But nothing else is right in this movie. Acting is pathetic, storyline poor and dialouges range from worse to worst. And don’t even try to apply any logic during the 2.5hrs.
Like john, i too had this strong urge to destroy the production house which made me go through the nightmare.

Jist: The message is good, the medium through which it is deliverd is BAD.
film rating: watch only at your own risk, not even for any eye candy.


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