Khoon ka badla planet

Shakal (the villian) kills Ram. same time Ram’s son Vijay is born. Vijay wants to avenge his father’s death. 25 years later, Shakal kills Raj’s family and community people. Raj, eventhough a very rationale person, wants to avenge the loss. So grown-up Vijay and Raj team up to kill Shakal and out end to his evil intentions. A typical bollywood philum… No??
Now just go back and substitite Ram with George Kirk , Vijay with James T. Kirk  , Shakal with Nero and replace the director with a firang, add some sci-fi  physics concepts, imaginative weapons, nice visual graphics, with some love angel thrown in between and resurrect a hollywood franchise. Now that’s Startrek (2009 film) for you. Had expected great storyline but apart from the sets and the visual graphics, the movie was as good as a bolywood flick.
Let’s see how transformers-2 turns out to be….


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