The m(ay)onth is was

Once again we pause a while, take a deep breath and just look at what all happened in 05-2009. Underdogs become champs at IPL-SA edition; While developed econimies shrink, SA GDP grew $1bb by hosting Modi’s (not Narendra) pet project ; Singh still remains the king, with Gandhi ji’s blessings ; My office has stopped experimenting and has finally setlled with one caterer and we also get to see “Return of snakcs wala” in our cafeteria ;  saw sunrise thrice this month, and then went to sleep ; planned to take up swimming, jogging, badminton or tennis and finally settled with sleeping ; Heard some tigers gave up their kingdom in SL ; and even saw the reaction in anna land ; Button still leading the track(s) ; Heard GM wil go bankrupt, but just like the past 12 months, nothing happened ; A new and big Kindle came in the market, wonder when will i get my hands on it ; Red devils created history by winning 25 mathces in a row at champions league ; Barca made history by limiting the devils to 25 ; Sensational Sensex soared sensationaly to create sensations across the sensitive equity markets ; Country North of South Korea tests N-weapons ; Even though developed cutnires have thousands, they still object to N-testing ; 7th Indian bee stings US in the past 10 years

Hope fully 06-2009 would pass by quietly…..


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