vandu, yardu.. muuru.

Life has suddenly come to a standstill…. I’m the same as an year ago, doing the same thing, surrounded by pretty much the same people (and if you don’t feel the same, then enjoy the coll life). But then, I have lived 1 full year in Chennai… My dear friend chex went ahead and nominated me for Limca book of records. Why not Guinness? well apparently foreign liquor is banned in TN. and i don’t like the local MGM-vodka. so happy with Limca….
My claim to the feat might seem unreasonable, more like the price for chappatis here. But then even our soldiers get a standing ovation, with some medals here and there, when them come back from their annual stay at siachein or Thar. I can atleast get a pat on the back.
Although my stay in this suburb-cluster has been mostly confined to air facades (my word for air-conditioned places) at office/home  I did get very few chances of exploring the city (read when not sleeping). the most important thing of all which i have learned is – do not expect this city to be like Mumbai or Bangalore or Hyderabad or Delhi or Pune or Ahmedabad or Indore (ok this one here only bcoz of blood ties) or any other indian city. this city resembles only one city, Chennai. Heavn’t yet found the city soul. You know, like mumbai’s soul is it’s fast life, trains, highrises and beaches; ahmedabad/baroda’s soul is it gujju culture, eat-outs on the road, navratri festival, the veg food etc… . But i havn’t found anything for chennai. let’s hope that i find it out within the next year or so.
But one thing which earns brownie points for chennai is that it doesn’t have the perils of a metro. since the city is spread across, traffic congestion is minimal. Also cost of living is quite low compared to mum, blr, hyd, del. Period.

The city might be different and some may even dis-like it, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter much. coz “It’s not the Journey, but the company which matters”. With many friends leaving the city, the journey might become quite a bore in the next year, so planning to take up sailing to pass time.

ps: the blog title are the only tamil words i have learned , apart from definition of the word Sister
Sister – Often used to address figures where attempt was unsuccessful
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