Earth Hour… we need it, but just for an hour?

I’m sure that by now, either through fwds or your friends/colleagues or through the extensive media coverag,  you would have come to know about the “Earth Hour”  initiative. For the uninitiated, it’s a publicity stunt by WWF to raise awareness towards climate change.
But do we need such an event. Symbolically the event will achieve a lot. Even if it doesn’t reduce global demand for power, it at least makes people (esply those from the developed countries/cities where more power is wasted than consumed) standup and take notice of climate change. It’s more like turning off lights to light our future (©, u know- just in case someone likes it). It might be a very strikingly different experience in the developed nation, but Indian cities won’t have much trouble, coz we invariably have power outages, and that too for no less than an hour.
Instead of organizing such events, WWF should make people come to developing nations like India where they can see how people live w/o electricity, and that too comfortabely. Hope people learn from it, and don’t waste electricity on as petty a thing like running for you.


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