Recession ka asar (Aftermaths of recession)

Well before u proceed any further, let me assure you that even though you feel that i am FULLY capable of it,  i have not authored the following piece of art. I have copied borrowed this from my friend harish… after not paying him the due amount… If you want to publish this poem, or would like to buy any of the author’s creations (past & future, if any) then i’ll b his manager…. njoi reading…

Dikh raha he recession ka asar !!
Dosto nein baatein karna kam kar diya,
Phone lagana band kar diya,
Pahle scrap to kiya karte the,
Ab to online aana bhi band kar diya !!
Ladkiyon nein itrana band kar diya,
Aankhe zameen se uthana band kar diya,
Pahle jin nazaron se kiya karti thi ghayal,
Un par kaazal lagana band kar diya !!
GF nein pyar se muskurana band kar diya,
Pahle le jaati thi har roj shopping,
Ab to ghar aana bhi band kar diya,
Hadd to tab hui jab usanein,

khushi mein khilkhilana bhi band kar diya ….


ps: some of my friends feel that i’ve been using too much of enng language off lately, say for eg like thi poem….. but then… the question is .. “to B.E. or not to B.E.”



  1. watcat · March 17, 2009

    Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  2. Harish · March 23, 2009

    I have given him Copy-Right to publish this poem. Whosoever like this poem and want to copy it and use it ….. plz copy it rightly. In case of any inaccuracy while copying this poem, you will be facing legal actions … 😀

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