Gajhini – its the villain

An hour later into the film, I realized gajhini is the villain’s name. And I had come to the theatre expecting gajhini to be the heroin’s name, or atleast a good character in the film. And what was all the hype around the film for lifting off the story from memento and all?? coz apart from 30 mins of the film, the rest was just a plain bollywood love story of boy meets girl, boy loves girl, girl is killed, boy takes revenge, and villain finally gets killed.

Moral of the story: If you are the villain, then never utter your name in front of your victims. Or else, they’ll utter your name in their loved ones ear, who’ll forget everything but still remember your name and then tattoo it on his body, kill your men, and finally kill you. But here’s the catch, make sure that every consecutive meeting with him has a gap of more that 15mins. This way he’ll have to recall everything, and by the time he’s finished with doing it, he’ll forget everything.


film rating: can watch once  (only when you are down with 2 5 vodkas. Tags:

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