SL Millionaire – a brief review

Film: Slumdog Millionaire

I recently got a chance to watch the film everyone has been talking about, and my oh my was it a wonderful film. The film has already entered the top 50 films list on IMDB, and has been nominated in various film festivals. And irrespective of the awards it may win or not, it’s a definite watch.

The film is fantabulous in all ways. Be it editing, casting, direction, and background score. The film is afar cry from typical bollywood films and thank god(or the director) for that. Coz, the film has a solid storyline and that too original (something very rare in Indian Films). The story is about this simple boy from Mumbai slums who goes onto become the only winner of a popular game show “who wants to be a millionaire”. The film then tracks how every incident in his life has contributed towards answering difficult questions on the game show. But its not just the story, its the story telling which puts top of others. and the visual treatment does justice to both and stands a league apart. For AR Rahman fans like me… the background score was a treat in itself. He has mixed indian and western music style to create peppy numbers. These days the songs are on my playlist.

Go and watch this movie today……

Find more details here.

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