the Power of WWW 2.0

The recent blasts in mumbai have brouhgt many
things to spotlight. Be it the brave elite forces like NSG and Marcos,
or the failure of govt of India, or even resignations from top
bureaucrats and politicians. But one thing which stands out is the
power of web 2.0. My first reaction to the blast news was to check
blogs, flickr and other social networking sites for informaion on it,
so were thousands of people across the globe. And to my surprise i did
find entries on the tragic incident within an hour of the blasts.
Twitters were updating their status round the clock. Some sources even
claim that twits on ‘mumbai’ were getting updated at the speed of 14
twits per second. Now that’s Blitzkrieg news. A blogger
‘vinu’ uploaded ground-zero pics on flicrk within hours of the
incident. Wikipedia entry on the incident was being updated every few
minutes. Where traditional media companies had failed, web 2.0 worked
and my it worked like fire. people had even updated google maps with
details of the incidents. One need not  sit in front of the idiot box
and listen to boring, repetitive news readers. You could get all the
information you want on the web. And if you had configured search
alerts, you could  even get the latest news from the web/blogs/news on
your cellphone.
Although web 2.0 did a prety good job, i hope that the need for such services never arises again.

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