The new Wiki – Searchwiki

Google always exceeds my expectations (so are my expectations low or is it Google?). This time it’s an addon for their current flagship product, the google search. Google has moved a step closer to ‘personalization’. They have adopted this famous saying – “What’s the boundary of space? It’s just one step ahead”. So now let’s talk about this new feature. As I type, a google search on ‘searchwiki’ gave 593,000 results.  (Results 110 of about 593,000 for searchwiki). So what I write here is nothing new, and this blog will feature somewhere in the 10th or 11th page. But searchwiki will help me (or even you for that matter) to bring my blog on top of the search. But here’s the catch, this would be only for the logged-in user (it means that I cannot promote my blog on google L) . To do so, look for the arrow button at the end of each search result. You can even write comments for the same. So the next time you seach the same key word under your login, the marked search will come up right at the first place.

So what’s my take on it? I see it as a child of social bookmarking and search. I call it “SeachMarking”.


A google a day, keeps yahoo/live/lycos/ask/answer/etc.. away. Njoi surfing


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