Saturdays at Bansal’s

Since I we (that’s me n my flatmates) shifted to madras Chennai, never did we cook food at home. Well we did cook maggi and other RTC packs (or rather just poured the contents in boiling water), but that’s not cooking. So this Saturday, my friend (cum ex-classmate, colleague and roomie) Mr. Bansal (as one of my uncles fondly addresses him… but will tell that story later). So this Saturday Mr. Bansal decided to cook at home, partly motivated by the chole in the fridge from the night earlier, and partly to put his culinary skills at work. And my oh my… what delicious parathas he makes…. the 2nd best I ever had (1st place reserved for my mom u c….). Delicious ghee parathas, not at all for the weak hearted, but for the desi dil wale. We have even contemplated the thought of opening up a restaurant, where he’ll do the cooking, and i’ll wait the tables. But that’s more like a backup option, considering we both got jobs in financial sector, it’s better to diversify your risks. So who so ever wants to join in, send in ur resume and seed money….


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