Posting After Long time (PALT)

Posting after a long time. Actually a really long time….. the sensex has shed more than 23% points, india has sent a spacecraft to moon, a certain Mr. Obama has won the US elections, Indian auto companies have cut down salary, my company took us to QOS screening (hope they won’t cut our salary, HR ppl… hope u r reading … X-fingers crossed), India beat australia 2-0 in test cricket, Arsenal beat ManU 2-1, Vishy is now the world chess champion, more than 10,000 people lost their jobs in US, and even more companies went bankrupt.

enuf of the global gyan….  now turning the pointer to me… have been pretty busy with work and a certification exam… though… did get the time to visit pondicherry  and temple cities near thanjavur. nice place… do visit… it seems so that every town (small or big) has got a big temple for it… guess they were used as a commonplace for trade, socializing, politics and justice in olden times. Anyways, make sure to take a guide with you, the places are just carved stones without one. 
gotta go rite now… got a lot to do… will keep posting

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