Analysts are like actors

I had earlier written a post Analysts and Critics, comparing analysts with critics. This time, I’m upgrading Analysts to Actors. The trait I’m referring to here is the capability to enact multiple roles. An actor gets to play different roles across different films/plays. Similarly an Analyst gets to track different sectors. He gains expertise over various sectors before finalizing upon the one suitable for him (just like an actor). Film release day is one of the biggest days for an actor. Similarly, earnings release, M&A announcement and report publications are the biggest days for an analyst.

For eg. Aamir plays different roles such as – cop, student, cricketer (yeah he played that too, and it’s not lagaan), farmer (this one’s from lagaan), businessman, teacher, guide, taxi driver and the list goes on…. On the other hand, an Analyst i know has tracked various sectors… Metals and mining, IT services, biotechnology, Banking, Retail.. and has gained expertise in each of them.

But one thing separates the two…. paparazzi…..

Confessions of an Electrifying Mind


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