Back to square 1

If you have been following my blog (which means that you are amongst the niche audience which includes close family members, friends and… well no one else :P…) you must have noticed the theme change. Well i was in an experimentation mode, and was looking for a better template. I was not satisfied with the experiment, but did not hav the time to undo changes. It finally took a comment from a regular reader for me to revert back to the old theme.
And if, IF, you are new to the blog… [da da da,dum dum dum (welcome tune) ] thanks a LOT for visiting. Feel free to go through the blog and do post comments…also sign up for the email feed. And please ask others to hav a dekho at the blog. Anyways, coming back to the point, as you are new to the blog, here’s the template i was experimenting with.

Confessions of an Electrifying Mind


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