No more law

The other day I was caught on the wrong side of the law (Wrong side of the road actually). No mistake of mine though. I tell you, these police wallas will make any road one-way at their will. And add to that, the sign boards are generally hidden below trees or behind billboards. And if you expect them to be well lit during nights then keep dreaming. So, I missed the board and the traffic cops caught me. I, being the kind of good citizen I am, paid the fine: Rs 50 for driving in the opposite direction and another 1000 for dangerous driving (a term cooked up cops to buy that silk sari for their missus…). I wanted to argue with the policeman, but didn’t because of the 3 things: bike wasn’t mine.-. It was 15 past 11 in night.-. I didn’t want to bribe anyone. But this is not the issue. The issue is unequal treatment. The auto rickshaw driver who charges more than the meter is never punished. (at least in Chennai), and then there are scores of citizens who escape with a bribe. At the end of the day, I’m not motivated follow the law. So the next time when I break the law, I won’t budge in.

Confessions of an Electrifying Mind


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