Escapade to the unkown

When was the last time you went on for a unplanned journey? Well thanks to Amir Khan (yeah u read it right… the actor), I went on an unplanned journey last weekend.


It’s Thursday and the watch reads 10:23pm, I’ve returned late from office and am having dinner while watching TV. Suddenly I see this new Titan ad. Aamir khan asks us to “be more”. Among a lot of other things, he asks the viewer“kabhi kissi anjaan sheher ka ticket kata ke dekho” (get urself a ticket to an unkown station). Maybe I haven’t been outside Chennai much, or maybe I desperately needed a vacation or maybe out of pure excitement, I decided to spend the weekend doing exactly this. Escapade to an unknown destination. I asked ‘mb’ (my flat mate). He gave the idea a thumbs up….

And 33 hrs later, on a Saturday morning, I’m at Henry Irwin designed railway station. We tried getting others in the adventure, but some where either busy with work or sleep. Anyways, we proceeded with our unplanned plan. A quick look at the destination chart, and we had chosen our destination. It was to be a town called kavali, 227 kms away from the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The name sounded more like the style of sufi devotional music, made popular by the likes of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

It took some time for us to reach there ( 240 mins to be precise). Since we did not know the arrival time, we kept looking out for our station. On our way we passed thru’ a fairly big city called Nellore. And we finally reached the place. The town is a nice small sleepy one which gets active at dawn. We had lunch and then went on to explore the area. To our surprise, a beach called ramaypatnam, was just 12 kms away. We hired an auto and went for the place. The beach was amongst the best beaches I’ve ever seen. All pristine beauty. Far from all the crowd and clutter of city beaches. We roamed around the beach. And then, took an hour long nap on the beach. However, thundering clouds made us do some thinking, and we headed towards Nellore.

Nellore is famous for its food. So we tried out a pure Andhra tiffin (meal). Never ever has I eaten rice in so many combinations. There was chutney, sambhar, rasam, curry, some masala, curd, and god knows what…. But all to eaten with rice. Post meal, a Russian variety of potato extract made sure that I sleep well in the hotel. Next morning and it was already more than 24 hrs since we last saw Chennai central. But, we had more to explore. A small trip (1hr btw…) to krishnapatnam port and we realize the port is still under construction. Then a bystander came to our rescue and led us to krishnapatnam beach. Once again we were mesmerized with the beach’s sheer beauty. But, we couldn’t stay there longer,for we had to catch a train back to Chennai. We thought the escapade couldn’t get better, but we were in for some big show. The train got cancelled. We had 2 hours to kill before the next train. So we came up with this daring idea of searching any wheat based food item. Roti/chappati/sandwich/burger/pizza… we had a long list, but no where in Nellore could we find these. We had to give in and settled for dosa and idli.

And now as you are reading this, I am back in the city, in my office, in my cubicle. Waiting for another escapade.

Ps: If you go for an escapade, make sure that u hit the sack on return. And sleep for at least 8-10 hours before going to your office. Or else, you’ll end up sleeping in the office like me 😛



  1. Anonymous · July 23, 2008

    mb told me about it…wish i cud have joined u ppl in it…sounds fun… 🙂
    take care n keep posting… 🙂


  2. maheep · July 23, 2008

    mb had told me that atleast u n bondi would come for the trip if not for neone else….
    chalo koi nahin…. will definetly go for an escapadesometime later….

  3. Anonymous · July 24, 2008

    henry irwin..the mysore palace guy..? nice.. im impressed AND inspired by your experience pal !

    everytime the thought of an escapade crosses my mind, (this is especially when im sitting at my workstation in the office cubicle, submerged in work).. reality tightens its grips or simply taps ur shoulder ( & it comes in many forms.. sometimes it morphs into a telephone ring, with my boss on the line.. or flashes my vision covering my entire desktop with a reminder to meet a deadline for an annual project )

    u're Really wise, lucky & strong if u can let urself loose from that grip… the grip of the daily madness we all call reality..

    God Bless Henry Irwin !
    …& the escapade venturers !

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