a day in annaland

A day (evening to be precise) at my karmbhoomi (read “pays my bills”bhoomi)…..

its 6pm…. i got some work.. but before that, i’m on office terrace for quick snack break….
then… back to work.. and more work…. now it’s 9, and i leave for home…. i reach home only to find my roomie on his new bike….

…. but to my dismay…. he’s just checking out the bike…. (the bike belongs to Rao, the one in the background, he just gave the bike… not the keys… smart guy… 😉 )
anyways…. after dinner…. i go for a walk… although the roads are deserted by time… but this one had a special guest…. no prizes for guessing her name… 😉

And if u culdn’t yet guess whr i am…. this road side graffiti should clear all ur doubts…..

ps: pics courtesy, my mobile cam (hence the low quality)


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