Sunday at Murray’s

300… 350… 400… 450… 500… 500… 500… 500… 500 One… 500 twice… 500 thrice…. Sold to the gentleman in 5th row.

My first time at an auction, and I get a rosewood TV table (or a radio table, even the auctioneer couldn’t decide) for Rs 500. Not bad haan… Its Sunday morning, and we (read me+bansal+omkar) are sitting in Murray’s auction house. We are surrounded by at least 20 typical south Indian rosewood cupboards, 10 sofa sets, an equal number of dining table sets, antiques, chandeliers, ACs, refrigerators, chairs, beds, stamp books, antiques, wrist watches, TV, Sofa, dining table, designer mirrors, PCs, Phones, Fax machines and what not. You name it, you got it. And once the feeling sinks in, you take notice of the bidding wars going on. And if you thought the whole process was boring, think again. The auctioneer makes the process interesting with his witty comments. And if an antique is on display, he gives some gyan about the same (mostly from wikipedia… hail wiki). And there’s always the “guess the final price” game you can play.

The place is excellent for bachelors who want 2nd hand stuff for their new house. The place is also a must for antique collectors and art lovers. But an important disclaimer: The goods are auctioned in “as it is” condition. No guaranty/warranty is offered on the goods. So it’s better that you first have a look at the items on display a day earlier.

Some tips on buying through auction (am no pro, but they’ll come handy 😉 )

  1. Set your upper price limit for the goods well in advance.
  2. Don’t go with a pre decided mindset of buying any specific item. Buy only if you like it and it’s below the set price limit.
  3. Don’t bid aggressively. It shows that you are desperate for the item.
  4. However in a one-on-one bidding situation, you have to get aggressive. But even in such a case never forget point 1.
  5. Never ever forget point 1 and 2.

And even if you are not interested in buying, I suggest just try it for the experience. Moreover, you never know what you could find there.

Venue: Murray’s auction house, LIC compound, Mount Road (Nr. Spencer Plaza) Chennai

Date & time: Every Sunday 10.30pm – 4.30pm onwards.To inspect the items on display, one can visit the auction house a day before, i.e. on Saturday.

Happy buying… 🙂


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