Vodafone-Happy to help, Demon-Unhappy to ask for it

The complaint letter I sent to Vodafone.



My Vodafone prepaid number is 99628xxxxx. I have recently shifted to Chennai and got this number 2 weeks ago.For the first week the service was good, but from the past week, the service quality has gone bad.Even though I stay in the heart of the city (T.Nagar) the signal reception is very poor.

Apart from poor signal, I face the following problems:

  1. call disconnections (even when my balance is Rs 400+)
  2. One way calls, where either I can hear what the other is saying or the other way round.
  3. SMS sending failure
  4. SMS received very late
  5. Failure to dial phone numbers.

And this is not any single instance. These problems are also shared by other Vodafone customers.

Vodafone is a multinational brand, kindly make sure you atleast deliver the basic promises which your brand has made.Today, when Telecom companies are taking about 3G service, I fail to understand how they could deliver the same when small issues like connectivity are not addressed properly.

I tried calling your helpline number, but the call got disconnected twice. Your poor service is not even letting you to help your customers.

Kindly look into the matter. I have used Vodafone in Gujarat and expect similar services here, ATLEAST.


Maheep Mandloi


One comment

  1. Anonymous · July 12, 2008

    Switch to Airtel : )

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