You got to move….

Eventually we had to face reality. The hotel guys kicked us out (company stay…. only for 15 daysL) and so we (read me + 3) had to shift to a new house. Searching for this house was nevertheless a daunting task. Thanks to the IT and booming financial services industry, the demand for houses has gone up, and naturally the prices. Room sharing did take away the burden to a certain extent, BUT the major hurdle was “us being bachelors”. Apart from singletons, no one wants a bachelor.

Landlords in general are very suspicious of bachelors. From the company we work to the company we keep, they want to know everything. And once you are pass the negotiation table, comes the fatal blow called DEPOSIT. For bachelor who hasn’t even got his first pay slip, a INR 80k deposit feels like paying the bill even before picking up the buffet plate.

After all this, you leave the comforts of the hotel and make a gala entry in your apartment only to realize that you haven’t bought the necessities. A visit to the market, something which you have been avoiding, now becomes necessary need of the hour. First you get mattress, bed sheets, bathroom supplies, house cleaning supplies, snacks, hangers, rope…. No matter how extensive shopping list you make, you always end up buying much more than that.

Once the supplies are in place, you look for drinking water supply and ‘tiffin wala’. This ensures you never go thirsty and hungry. Get yourself a paper every morning. Milk supplies, cooking gas, stove……….the list never ends.

Anyways, I have moved to an apartment and still halfway thru’ my shopping list. Lets hope I get ONLY what I want for the apartment.


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