Day 1 of many

As I left gujjuland for Annaland, many said it won’t be easy. “The weather is different in erstwhile madras, the food is different, roti/chapatti is a delicacy rarely found there and its better not to say about the language” and so on…. However I being the person I am choose to ignore the warnings. But as they say, “seeing is believing”. or here is another one… “you never learn from other’s mistake”.

The weather is obviously diff, for the city being a costal city. But, coming from Gujarat, it hasn’t troubled me much. Finding good north Indian style tiffin service is bit tough here. The restaurants here are decent, but you can’t eat there daily. The language is new for me, so it becomes difficult to communicate. We generally use to address shopkeepers or people in general as “Bhaiya” or “Bhai saab” or “kaka” (please excuse me for using only the male version). But out here, no one responds to these, and some times not even to plain English “Excuse Me”. Me and my friends tried various combinations, and finally settled upon “Anna”. Hopefully it’s working with no negative side effects till now. And the other day, we ate this place only because the waiter knew hindi, and the place served rajasthani thali :). Of course the quality can’t be compared to that available back in aravalli’s, but “andhon mein kaana raja” (among blind men, even one-eyed is the king).

Gotta go now 4 training@office. Till my next blog, happy reading 🙂



  1. thewebdon · May 16, 2008

    Try out these:

    Rainforest in Adyar
    Punjabi Dhaba in T. Nagar


  2. maheep · May 16, 2008

    thanx namesake…

    hav already tried punjabi dhaba….
    rainforest baki hai…. will try this weekend….


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