Ahmedabad Checklist

As i bid farewell to this city of mine for 2 years, I tried remembering the best places in Ahmedabad. I came up with this checklist. Checlist for a person to be called a Amdavadi…..

1.Have been to Kalupur Station atleast once.
2.Have seen movie in any of the multiplexes, be it Rworld,FR,WideAngle,CityPulse,CityGold,Adlabs etc…. and are proud for ahmedabad being the Multipex capital of india.
3.Have been to aleast one mall…. (Himalaya,Iscon etc…).. .and are excited for the new mall to come up
4.Had Jasuben’s Pizza (even though the pizza is more like a biscuit)
5.Had Cold coco or Cold coffee at commercewala (or neother shop 4 that matter)
6.Been to Science City…(eventhough its just for children, u ought to b thr atleast once…)
7.Had late night dinner at honest or choice.
8.Had tea and maska bun at IIM ketley…..
9.Been to CEPT or NID atleast once….(to check out the hep crowd)….
10.Been to Friends or any big Navratri event only to find out that u need to shell out over 1000 bucks just to dance in an open field, that too w/o a DJ šŸ˜¦
11.Been to Durga puja mahotsav organised by Bengali samaj of Ahmedabad in navrangpura.
12.Strolled around the river, or walked on any of the city bridges.
13.Been to ManekChowk and had desi food, and did not care about higene for a while….
14.Had 6 flavor ‘pani puri‘ at murlidhar or other good pani puri walas
15.Flown kite from the roof top on 14th jan only to realize that ur kite string has been cut by ur frnd/brother/sister using scissors.
16.Had Dinner at Patang..the revolving restaurant
17.If you know the short cut between IIM and University road goes through ISRO PRL.
18.Driven over 100kmph at ring road/Expressway/SG highway etc…
19.If u come to SG highway to spend ur weekend.
20.Been to Kankaria lake, had bhel and did boating
21.Had Ice dish and soda during summers
22.If u know atleast 4 “darwajas” of Walled City.
23.If u have visited at least one home in the walled city area.
24.Walked down from Lal darwaja to Station
25.Bought/Sold books at Fernandes Bridge.
26.Had all gujju delicacies… fafda,jalebi,undhu,mathiya,gota,dhokla,khamand,shrikhand,chaas etc….
27. and can come up with 30 more places like minars at station,crossword,adalaj stepwell etc…..



  1. Anonymous · May 12, 2008

    i haven’t been to Patang. :@

    so im STILL not an amdavadi??

    all coz of ur silly checklist :@

  2. Priyank · May 12, 2008

    I’ve done more than half of the things on list… Hope I can match up ur list… Have around 8 to 9 months in hand…


    Howz life??

  3. maheep · May 12, 2008

    arre… u still hav lot of time to do this list…. actually thr are still many places i wanted to visit…..:)

    neways… we in chennai… will update bout that on blog later on…. keep watchin…..

  4. Piyush · May 13, 2008

    hey… till now i am a 12/27 amdavadi….

    and thanks for the info on the hangouts!

    Hope u r enjoying in chennai. Waiting for more posts on ur blog.

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