To the center of INDIA and back!!!

Talk of INDIA and snapshots of recent developments flash in front of our eyes. Brand new airports, 6-lane highways, modern skyscrapers, IT and mfg hub, Dozens of SEZs, integrated townships…. and what not.

But amidst the fanfare, we forget a different part of India… the non-urban India. In my Rural Marketing class, this part of the country is addressed as “The Rural India”.

It covers all the non-urban towns and villages through out India. Not that I’m not aware of its presence, I myself belong to a village in MP. But due to studies and other commitments I had not visited it in the past 4 years.

I recently got a chance to visit this very India. Things have changed in the nearest city (read Indore). and definitely for the better. But, the villages remain more or less the same. They are still not connected properly by roads. Only the state highways have been developed, that too thanks to toll roads. The “Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Vikas Yojna” or the PM village road development scheme is no better than lip service. The approach road to my village has been built twice, but still the only thing left out of it is the sign board. That too is covered with bills.

The condition in non-industrialised states is very poor. The rate of power cuts is very high. Cities face with 4-5 hrs of power cuts. Whereas, villages receive power for no more than 4-5 hrs.

To be continued in the next post


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